Over 80% global market share
More than 1,000,000 paying customers and over a billion users worldwide
Used in over 180 countries
400+ prebuilt integrations with popular business applications

Since our inception in 2012, Apposite has worked with DocuSign to help our customers and partners accelerate business and drive productivity through digitising paper agreement processes.

Our value proposition is simple: legacy, paper-based agreement processes are slow, expensive, prone to error and insecure. By eliminating paper, automated digital processes shorten execution time, eliminate errors, reduce costs and radically improve efficiency.

If you need to accelerate your digital business transformation and simplify your agreement and approval processes, there is no better provider than DocuSign and you can trust in Apposite to support you.

Agreements are critical to your business management, growth, and success. You simply can’t operate without them. The ability to have documents securely processed underpins today’s business needs and those of your stakeholders.

And, if you are a solution provider of digital transformation products and services to your customers, partnering with Apposite enables you to leverage DocuSign solutions for the benefit of your customers and your business.

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Accelerate Your Business With Apposite

Apposite is 100% focussed on providing DocuSign solutions. It’s what we do and it’s everything that we do. Apposite has been an authorised distributor for DocuSign since 2012 and is recognised as a certified DocuSign Gold Partner. Our focus on deployment success means that introducing DocuSign solutions is de-risked and can bring your customers rapid ROI, further strengthening your customer relationships.

Grow your business and delight your customers by partnering with Apposite. We serve the EMEA market and today we’re the number one distributor of DocuSign eSignature across Africa.

Take your first step to a rewarding business relationship with Apposite.

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The Power Of DocuSign®

DocuSign’s solutions streamline and accelerate business processes. Manual contracting slows down execution, wastes time and can be fraught with errors necessitating reprocessing or worse – non-compliant. With DocuSign eSignature transactions are faster, less costly, more secure and offer better experience.

The business benefits of implementing DocuSign speak for themselves.

Speed Up Business Processes

79% of all successful DocuSign eSignature transactions are completed in less than 24 hours and 44% within 15 minutes.

Simple & Intuitive

Branded templates and customisable fields identify who should sign the document and where. All business benefits from an improved customer and employee experience.


The DocuSign platform is designed to meet an industry’s rigorous security certification and uses industry-standard data encryption technologies

Document Retrieval

DocuSign eSignature platform securely stores documents with replication and fall over backup on multi centre infrastructure.

System Reliability & Availability

Category-leading reliability with a consistent multiyear track record of 99.99% availability without downtime for maintenance. Live status check


Save time, money, errors, waste and frustration.

Stake Holder Experience

DocuSign eSignature enables signing from almost any place on practically any device. So whether that’s from a central or remote office, on the move or sitting face-to-face with the other party the signing experience is flexible and configurable.

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Speed Up Business Processes

Faster signing means turnaround times are reduced, completion rates increased and business outcomes achieved earlier. With agreements taking 15 minutes or less to complete customers can typically save $30 per document by reducing hard costs and improving employee productivity.

Simple & Intuitive

Your teams can quickly prepare agreement documents using shared templates, collaborative commenting, and other out-of-the-box features. You can take advantage of configurable workflows to tackle your trickiest agreement challenges.)


DocuSign protects your documents through encrypted access to the platform, options for multi factor authentication of users including single sign on and encryption of documents held on the platform. Completed documents from the platform carry a tamper evident digital seal. A Certificate of Completion records the document workflow from inception to completion showing who, when and with what recipients acted. Important evidential information should a repudiation claim ever be made.

Document Retrieval

With DocuSign eSignature you can access and retrieve your documents without fail. If you have ever had the frustration of searching for paper documents and then finding them damaged or not to be found this assurance is an obvious but often overlooked benefit of using the platform.

System Reliability & Availability

We know how important it is for a service to always be available. That’s why DocuSign is committed to service uptime and total transparency into our system status. The DocuSign Trust Center provides updates and alerts of system maintenance and other notifications.


Stripping out paper from agreement processes eliminates hard costs or printing, distribution logistics and storage. DocuSign eSignature integrates with applications you use including Microsoft O365, Salesforce, Google and more than 450 pre-built integrations. Agreement workflows can start and finish in the applications you use avoiding rekeying effort and error.

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Stake Holder Experience

Give your customers, partners and staff the modern experience they expect. DocuSign eSignature lets signers act on documents with their computers, tablets or smart phones. The user experience is simple and streamlined, so you can provide the best support possible to have signers complete their actions to complete your documents in the shortest possible time.

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Agreements are everywhere in business life, DocuSign provides the freedom to work more efficiently with the world's most trusted eSignature platform — on practically any device, virtually anywhere in the world, securely. Scalable deployment and functionality mean that DocuSign eSignature is “apposite” for organisations of every shape, every size operating in every sector.

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Sales Human resources Finance IT/operations Legal Marketing Facilities Support Product Management Procurement


  • Sales Order Processing
  • Account Provisioning
  • Sales Compensation Agreements
  • Referral Agreements
  • Reseller Agreements
  • Field Sales Agreements
  • New Customer Sign Ups
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Quotes

Human resources

  • New Hire Paperwork
  • Candidate NDA
  • On/Off-boarding Checklist
  • Employee Policy Distribution & Signature
  • Contractor Agreements
  • Non-disclosure
  • PTO Management
  • Payroll Forms


  • Invoice Processing
  • Expense Reporting
  • Capitalization Management
  • Audit Sign Off
  • Policy Management
  • Inventory Signoff
  • Asset Transfer/Retirement
  • Hiring Freeze Exemption
  • M&A Documentation


  • Asset Tracking
  • Change Requests
  • Requirements Sign Off
  • Access Management
  • Incident Reporting
  • Production Change Authorization
  • Maintenance Authorization
  • Order Fulfillment


  • NDAs
  • Contract Management
  • Internal Compliance
  • IP Licensing
  • Patent Applications
  • Board Minutes
  • Trade Name Assignment
  • Trademark Assignment
  • Finance Agreements


  • Event Registration
  • Customer Communication Approvals
  • Mass Mailing/Email Approvals
  • Customer Communication Approvals
  • Brand Compliance/Audits
  • Event and Vendor Approvals


  • Front Desk Sign-in
  • Work Orders
  • Lease Agreements
  • Move In/Move Out Requests
  • Parking Permits
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Lien Releases
  • Site Passes and Onsite Waivers


  • Account Changes
  • Service/Work Orders
  • Term Changes
  • Self Service Requests
  • Compliance
  • Field Service
  • Cancellation Requests
  • Internal Cancellation Processing

Product Management

  • Change Management
  • Release Management
  • Code Review Reporting
  • Requirements Acceptance
  • Release Scope Commitments
  • Project Charter Templates


  • Purchase Orders
  • Statements of Work
  • Master Service Agreement
  • RFP Sign Off
  • Supplier Compliance
  • Competitive Procurement Summaries
  • Sole-Source Justifications
  • Procurement Card Applications
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