Hyphen transforms contractor experiences with DocuSign® eSignature

4 July 2023

Hyphen is a global expertise group that specialises in bringing together leading organisations and first-class experts

Hyphen identified workflow pain points across its organisation around contract signing response times, a lack of visibility in the agreement signing process, and internal staff inefficiencies caused by out-dated work procedures. Using DocuSign eSignature has enabled Hyphen to streamline the sharing of documents and contracts, thereby improving staff efficiencies and delivering smarter workflows for its 500-strong contractor base. At the same time, it has drastically reduced running costs, helping to support its sustainable business aims.

DocuSign eSignature has allowed Hyphen to deliver better and more timely services to its clients by significantly improving the end-to-end user experience for its contractors. However, this is just the start of the journey as the organisation is looking to make DocuSign an integrated part of its ecosystem, by further digitising its workflows.

  • 75% improvement in time creating, sending, and collecting contracts
  • 88% reduction in discussion times with contractors
  • 0 paper footprint